Portrait photography

Specialising in candid and naturally or ambiently lit portraits, I enjoy taking photos of a variety of different subjects.

My style of portrait photography lends itself to capturing moments off the cuff, rather than staged shots, though of course, whether it be a head and shoulders shot you need for a formal portrait, a full body shot, or photos taken at a party or wedding, then I am very adaptable.

Food photography

A lover of food and culinary experimentation, as well as finding new and interesting restaurants to try out, I like nothing more than cooking up a storm in the kitchen (or at least attempting to), and then photographing the consequences utilising natural light.

Still life & Product photography

I enjoy attempting to make an otherwise ordinary object jump off the screen or page at the viewer. Getting the right product shots can make a huge difference to your website and printed materials, high quality shots will give customers the right impression of your business. I will work with you to understand how you want the products to be displayed to show them at their very best.

Some of my photos are currently for sale on Getty Images. Click here to view them.


Sociable and friendly, I am able to both capture the atmosphere of the event as a whole, but also hone in on the finer details and individuals.